Ready to Serve

I founded Ohio Valley Parts & Equipment in 2017 with the sole intention of uniting an old group of co-workers, who together once ran and operated the US Division of one of the largest and most formidable used mining parts companies in the world.  The sale of that USA Branch displaced many employees and friends.  We were left to search for new opportunities.  At this point I had spent roughly 10 years in the Used Parts business traveling the world selling and trading spare parts, components, and attachments as they related to the mining industry.  The idea of going to work for someone else just didn’t feel right and knew the opportunity was at my feet.  I picked up the ball and decided to play the game.  It started with Daniel Maddox, he runs the shop.  He knows what I don’t and allowed me the opportunity to dismantle equipment and salvage good spare parts.  We rented our first shop and started with a couple machines.  We eventually bought our own parcel of land and purposely built a facility.  We were fortunate to on-board Willie Farrar who managed and ran our business in the past, he is the accountant and knew how keep things straight and orderly.  With the addition of a few more mechanics we now stood a fighting chance.  Over a year later we are still in the business.  Having purchased a couple handfuls of machines and machinery parts packages we have the goods and services to supply our most loyal customers.  Even having the good fortune to continue developing new ones along the way.  We are a grateful group.  We are grateful to be able to serve in an industry we love and are passionate about.  We work diligently with customers and peers to provide a good product at a good price.  The industry is constantly changing and so are we.  We are small enough to adapt to these changes but big enough to handle projects others can’t.  Please consider us for your used parts needs.  We can service equipment small and large, something local contractors can now attest too.  It is our mission to serve our families, customers, and community.  We maintain a steady pace and hope to work with you in the future.           

Ryan Arlinghaus 

OVPE is growing

We’ve seen tremendous growth in a year, thanks to the effort of our team and our great partnerships with you.  See below, as an example of all that can happen in a year.  OVPE is ready to meet your equipment needs!